​​​​​​​ OUR VISION ​​​​

Everyone connected, healthy, and active.

Kia tuia, kia ora, kia tū.


We help people lead better lives.


Community First and Foremost

Focus on Impact

Care Deeply, Deeply Understand

Do the Right Thing, Incredibly Well

Be Courageous Innovators

Strength in Our Differences

At Sport Waitākere, we help people lead better lives.   

We work alongside people in community and partners to explore the changes we can make together, so people can be healthy and happy throughout their lifetime.  

We build capability across our networks and partnerships, so more people have the ability to create transformative change in places we spend our time.  

We acknowledge the interconnectedness of factors which influence people's health and wellbeing. We work to identify and address root causes, fostering sustainable and positive impact to make the biggest difference for public good.